The Everyday Things

Flat Granny and Me: Hello Granny, 2012
Dresden, Germany

Flat Granny and Me is an ongoing series of performances with Flat Granny that take place within constructed environments shaped by the colliding mindscapes of my family’s narratives and the histories of others I encounter in my everyday life. These imagined spaces are a collision of the past and the present and straddle the line between fantasy and reality.

During the final days of my grandmother’s life she drifted in the space between lucid thought and fantasy. She lay in a bed of white, encircled by a ring of curtains in the Intensive Care Unit at Flower’s Hospital. Hello Granny revisits my last images of her alive and serves as my introduction of Flat Granny as a character in the larger ongoing narrative of my work. Hello Granny is my first attempt to reanimate or give life back to the static images of her that remain and is a step towards a larger coming project.

This project was made possible by The Greater Columbus Arts CouncilKunsthaus Raskolnikow / Galerie e.V. , and Geh8. And a very special thanks to Iduna Böhning, Luisa Müller, and Shauna Merriman.