Flat Granny and Me: Still-life
Dresden, Germany, 2012

During a three month artist residency in Dresden, Germany, I set out to create a performative installation with Flat Granny. With the intention of weaving together my family narratives with the historical narratives I discovered while in Dresden, I spent a large part of my time exploring the city and its eccentric, royal history. During an afternoon visit to Moritzburg Castle, the hunting camp of Augustus the Strong, I came across a small and almost hidden etching of a couple with a curious banquet table laid out before them. Not able to understand the German inscription, I began to fill in the gaps of the story missing from this image.  In response, I set out to make my own aspic sculptures to use as props for a live performance with Flat Granny. This performance culminated in a series of medium format photographs that liken themselves to the enormous still-life paintings found in the Old Masters Gallery  at the Zwinger.